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  GRAPEVINE - Grafted Plant
Red - White - Desert


Bud break: mid-season.
Ripening time: early.

Agronomic characteristics:
It sends out long, fragile, wind-sensitive shoots, it should therefore be tied up and spur pruned.
Extremely susceptible to chlorosis and poorly adapted to limestone soils.
Optimum harvesting period is relatively short.
Avoid excess yield and over-ripeness.
Quite susceptible to mites and to botrytis, particularly at the end of the ripening period.
Resistant to mildew, oidium and to excoriose.

Oenological potential:
Red wines with a good alcohol content, suitable for high quality ageing, of high quality, intense colour (bluish), highly aromatic, fine and complex with aromas that bring to mind violets, leather, tobacco and liquorice; tannic, with structure and not very acidic.
It is also possible to make very fruity and interesting rosé wines.


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