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  GRAPEVINE - Grafted Plant
Red - White - Desert


Bud break: late.
Ripening time: late.

Agronomic characteristics:
Highly productive variety, upright growth. Not to be cultivated in late areas.
Drought resistant, well adapted to unfertile land. Admits spur pruning.
High potassium uptake. It does not ripen correctly in cool areas.
Highly susceptible to oidium. Slightly susceptible to botrytis and excoriose.

Oenological potential:
Wines with a high alcohol content and quite a lot of colour, lacking fruitiness and smoothness. Bitter, herbaceous and astringent tannins.
The best results are achieved with the carbonic maceration technique thanks to the high acidity and the development of typical young aromas. In not very fertile areas, with good soils, mature vines and limited yield, good quality wines are obtained.
It is particularly used for blending to provide acidity.


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