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  GRAPEVINE - Grafted Plant
Red - White - Desert


Bud break : early.
Ripening time: early - mid-season.

Agronomic characteristics:
Medium–high growth with a strong suckering tendency.
Semi-upright growth, making trellising necessary for support.
Good fertility. Spur pruning preferable. It prefers limestone-clay soils.
Susceptible to an irregular fruit set, depending on the climate.
Sensitive to spring frost. Offers little resistance to droughts.
Susceptible to mildew, cicadellidae, slightly susceptible to botrytis. Not susceptible to oidium, grapevine yellows or wood diseases.

Oenological potential:
Round, bodied wine, with a high alcohol content and rich in colour. Only slightly acidic.
Wines with tannins, but quite smooth and which do not require a lengthy ageing process in a cask. Complex and elegant aromas.


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