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  GRAPEVINE - Grafted Plant
Red - White - Desert

Prieto Picudo

Sprouting time: medium - early
Ripening time: early.

Agronomic characteristics:
Slight vigorous, a semi-creeper plant
Medium fertility, low production, medium-sized clusters.
Low resistance to drought, adjusts well to the humid soils and mild climates.
It requires late pruning.
Sensitive to sunlight and quite sensitive to oidium.

Oenological potential:
Alcohol wine, violet hues in a cherry color, very flavored variety with tones of berries and spicy aromas of black pepper, high acidity.
Interesting persistence in the mouth and aromas that last even after swallowing.
It is used to elaborate rose and light red wines, slightly carbonated. Currently, many regions have started producing monovalent wines or mixed with Mencia that result into really interesting wines.


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