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  GRAPEVINE - Grafted Plant
Red - White - Desert

Petit Verdot

Sprouting time: medium - late
Ripening time: late.

Agronomic characteristics:
Fertile and quite productive variety. Even and fragile clusters. When big, they need support and adapt well to the rocky soils.
In the past, some plants used to present a bad flower discharge due to the presence of pistil but this aspect is now avoided by means of selection. This variety is sensitive to oidium.

Oenological potential:
The cluster has a medium size and the grape is small. It has a good ripening and produces very robust wines, highly colored and tannic. There are quality wines for aging and maturation which, in a mixture, may greatly contribute to the more insipid wines’ body, color and vigor. They are well structured wines, with an intense color and flavor. A favorable climate will obtain clusters rich in sugar and a good preservation of acidity.


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