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  GRAPEVINE - Grafted Plant
Red - White - Desert

Cot Malbec

Cutting time: medium - late
Ripening time: late.

Agronomic characteristics:
Vigorous variety, sensitive to the bad flower discharge, but the clonal selection will minimize this defect. Its vitality should be controlled by compact planting and using weak mother plants. This variety is quite sensitive to winter frost, but after a spring frost, whatever springs out of the secondary buds is less fertile. During maturation time, there is always a risk of grapes falling off. It does not show a particular sensitivity to the cryptogamite diseases, except for excoriose. Also, it is sensitive to caterpillars.

Oenological potential:
The cluster and the grapes are medium in size. On a well controlled production, this variety allows to permit quite colored, flavored and tannic wines, suitable for aging. The rose wine fermentation also offers good results. In general, it should aim for a maturation sufficient to avoid the grassy-like and vegetal flavors that will offer a certain strength and a bitterness. Intensely colored wines, well balanced and sweet in taste.


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