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  GRAPEVINE - Grafted Plant
Red - White - Desert


Time prior sprouting: medium - late
Ripening time: late.

Agronomic characteristics:
Variety quite vigorous, bold appearance.
Medium fertility, low production, small clusters.
Medium resistance to drought, extremely versatile, it adapts well to fertile and clayey soils types.
It requires medium pruning.
Resistant to pests and diseases.

Oenological potential:
Produces wines with medium-high strength, deep red in color, flavors adjusted to the characteristics, medium intensity, medium acidity, light when tasted, a personal wine.
The tendency of the Moristel wines is to be utilized as young wines, univalent type or mixed with varieties that bring a higher density as in Tempranillo, Parraleta or Cabernet Sauvignon; in this mixture, this wine allows storage in oak barrels to be aged and matured.


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